Better Purse Organization

Posted by Chrystal H. Singleton on

Purse organization is a big deal, it can make the difference between a bag that you put away and one that you reach for every day. Just throw everything in the bag and hope that you'll find what you need or use an organizer insert to keep everything neat and tidy? You deserve a bag that has all the style, personality and personal touches but also maximizes its space so you can be organized too. If you love purses with pocket then we've got some organization tips to share with you to maximize the space you have.

  • Carry smaller items such as sanitizer and gloss in a pouch so that they don't tumble around in your purse.
  • Utilize outer pockets to access your most used items such as your keys or phone.
  • Use inner pockets to secure cash, cards, and your ID.
  • Use a purse organizer for bigger tote bags that don't have many built in pockets.

What are your tips for better purse organization? Check out our homepage to get all of your necessities to organize your handbags and even get a handbag to suite all of your needs. Happy organizing!


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