Do You Rotate Your Bags?

Posted by Chrystal H. Singleton on

When the season changes do your bags also change? Do you opt for something smaller and lighter in the summer and then move to something bigger and sturdier in the colder months or do you wear the same bag year round?

I love a medium to large size bag because it lets me carry things that I need on a regular basis and also things that I may need should circumstances change like the weather. I tend to change my bag based on occasion and what makes the most sense for where I am going. If I'm headed to the grocery store, then something small like the Crossbody Phone Bag is what I wear. If it's to an outdoor concert, I usually always have some type of jacket with me and an umbrella so I'll choose the Zip Crossbody Purse for space. Or if it's an active event where I'll have to walk a lot, it's always the Black Fanny Pack.

Having a bag for every occasion is the best feeling but also having a bag that is multifunctional and can be worm in more than one way is also a win. You get all the bags to serve your needs but don't take up your whole closet with accessories. How do you typically use your bags and which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below and check out our multifunctional bags here if you're looking for more options.

Happy Friday!


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