It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia 😎

Posted by Chrystal H. Singleton on

Is it summer time? Yes. Is it 90 degrees at 10PM? Yes. Is the sun blinding you when you're driving home? Yes. In that case, it's time to pull out your shades.

If you found your new favorite shades, then we have the perfect case to keep them safe and clean in. Our glasses case have room enough for your glasses, has a built-in cleaning cloth so you never have to worry about your lenses getting foggy and it fits in your pocket or purse easily. 

With a case as handy as this, you can keep your shades clean, protected, and at hand. The built-in cloth cleans the lenses without you having to rummage through your pocket or bag to find a separate cloth. The best part is that it securely closes with a spring loaded closure so you don't have to worry about random debris getting on your case or your glasses.


Glasses Case


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Stay cool 😎!



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