What Purse Color Goes With Everything?

Posted by Chrystal Haynes Singleton on

You're looking for a durable bag to add to your collection but you've decided you want a bag that will go with just about everything in your closet. So you ask, what color bag goes with everything? Have you thought about neutrals? Neutrals are neutrals for a reason, because they go with literally everything. Whether it's a bright color or an earth tone, a neutral colored bag can be the perfect fit. It can tone an outfit down or it can tie your whole look together. Here are some of our favorite neutral bags from our collection that will match wonderfully with your wardrobe.

1. The Tan Crossbody

Brown Crossbody Bag

This tan crossbody bag will pair with anything and the great thing about it is that you can dress it up by removing the straps or wear it with the straps to create a hands free experience.


2. The Black Backpack Purse

This bag can double as a backpack and also a handbag using the handles on the top of the bag. The great thing about The Traveler Backpack is that you can load it up with all of your belongings and use it as a carry on when flying or a weekender when going on a road trip or short vacation.


3. The Gold Evening Bag

Sometimes you need a nice, upscale bag for special occasions, holidays or just a night out. Gold is one of my favorite hues and it pairs well with earth tones, bright colors and even goes well with silver!


Tell us which one of these bags you would add to your collection and let us know if we missed a style or color. You can check out these bags and more at fifteenandfifteen.com.


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